Aurora Forecast

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Aurora Forecast from the Icelandic Met Office

The Icelandic Met Office measures solar activity. Combined with the Cloud Forecast, it will give you clues on where the Northern Lights are likely to be seen.

Use the slider at the bottom of the graphic to adjust the date and time of the forecast.

Please note this changes frequently and is most reliable at about 6pm of the current day. This is however not a guarantee for seeing the Aurora.

Cloud cover

A simple rule: No clear sky = No northern lights.

There are different cloud levels that have different impacts.

Change the display for cloud types using the tabs at the top of the graphic.

High clouds don’t really bother us in Iceland. Focus on the lower and middle clouds, and look for white spots or lighter shades on the map.

Solar activity

The 9-point scale on the right side of the page is a simple way to judge your chances of seeing something.

0-2: Low, almost no, activity. Anything you see may appear as pale as a cloud.

2-3: Moderate, but with good chances to catch the  Northern Lights. This is the most usual forecast. Go out!

4-6: Húrra! A big solarstorm is coming, don’t miss your chance to catch some amazing Aurora displays!

7-9: Highly unusual, maybe your friends and relatives at home will see the Northern Lights, too!

Leirvogur – Magnetic Observatory

Record of measurements at Leirvogur for the past 24 hours, updated every 10 min. It measures the components of the geomagnetic fields.

Space Weather Prediction Center