Aurora Forecast

The Aurora Forecast is a service that combines different data to assist travelers and tour organizers to get the most out of the tours.

Aurora Forecast from the Icelandic Met Office

The Icelandic Met Office measures solar activity and combined with the Cloud Forecast, it will give you clues on where the Northern Lights are likely to be seen. Look at the hours from 10pm and into the night on the interactive map below. This is however not a guarantee for seeing the Aurora. If you have limited time for hunting them down, we highly recommend going on a tour with one of the guides listed on this page. They are experts at finding the right locations, which may include a few hours drive away from the city lights.
Most of the time you get a second tour if you are not successful with spotting the Northern Lights on your first one, so organizing a first tour at the start of your journey in Iceland is advisable.

Use the interactive map below to see what your chances are to spot the Northern Lights in the next couple of days:

Leirvogur – Magnetic Observatory

Record of measurements at Leirvogur for the past 24 hours, updated every 10 min. It measures the components of the geomagnetic fields.

Space Weather Prediction Center