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We are hunters of an elusive subject called
Aurora Borealis.
We created Aurora Reykjavik to share our passion and knowledge about the most unique natural phenomenon in the world. This museum was the dream of four people, and the wonders here are the work of many.
We have traveled the entire world chasing the light, but our adventures have always brought us home. 
Aurora Reykjavík is both the start and the result of an endless fascination.
Come in, and see what we have seen.

Aurora Reykjavík

– The Northern Lights Center

Watch the cold fire dance


 Stroll through our interactive exhibition and discover history and secrets about the world’s most stunning natural phenomenon.


Magnificent auroral displays captured all over Iceland and projected onto a 7-meter wide screen in 4K quality – come and see what we have seen!


Get your camera ready for your unique photo of the Northern Lights – we’ll assist you with the right settings and teach you how to capture the Aurora.


Can’t catch the Northern Lights? Don’t worry – we have already done it for you! Take some memory picture in our northern lights photo booth!

We offer special group admissions for more than 10 persons – please ask us at the counter or send us a line.

Our Founders and Photographers

Aurora Reykjavík is founded and run by some of Iceland’s best-known photographers. We’re happy and proud to have made our passion a profession – hunting, photographing and filming the Northern Lights and sharing our knowledge with our guests and Northern Lights Scientists and enthusiast all over the world.

Grétar Jónsson


Aurora Forecast Master

Hörður Finnbogason


Wizard of Lights