Chasing the northern lights often resembles playing a card game.

Knowledge and experience clearly enhance your chances a great deal, but in the end, it’s all about a little bit of luck.

And then there are these nights:

Perfect forecast, right timing, clear skies – and yet – little to nothing happens.

Some might feel a bit of disappointment rising in their chests.

Lady Aurora just asked for a dance – and then blew you off like your date for the prom.

Maybe even give you a little glimpse of her glow and glory, but then disappears after just a few minutes, like Cinderella heading home before midnight.


But wait. Aren’t you a bit too focused on this green sparkle in the sky, that you maybe miss out on all the other magic around you?

All the stars, the constellations, the milky way. A night sky that most of us haven’t seen since our early childhood. If ever.


The breath-taking silence of complete absence of human-made noise.

The sound of a cracking glacier in the distance, or the waves crashing on the shore.


Feel into yourself. Listen. Notice how all your senses sharpen in the absence of light. How focussed you become. Was that an arctic fox? Or a snow owl?


Nights out in the arctic wilderness are fascinating, and an adventure in itself. No matter what. Take the chance, immerse yourself into this adventure. Stay open-minded, and just see what happens.


The Northern Lights still keep some secrets.

And it’s part of their magic, that they are still yet to reveal.

So, if you can – buy the ticket, get the ride. You will find our hand-picked selection of tours here:

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