Beer Spa and Northern Lights from Akureyri via Amazing North

The bright dancing lights of the aurora are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. The lights are seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. They are known as ‘Aurora borealis’ in the north and ‘Aurora Australis’ in the south.

The experience of seeing the Northern Lights dancing in the sky is an experience no one ever forgets! On this comfortable Jeep tour we drive out into the darkness for a unique experience in search of the incredible light show by Aurora Borealis. North Iceland is sometimes referred to as the capital of Northern lights is a great spot to see the Aurora Borealis because of the frequency of sightings and also because there is a vast wilderness with minimal light pollution.

The Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis, are a natural phenomenon visible in the Northern Hemisphere. A unique display of light caused by a particle collision in the magnetic field of the polar caps. The location for the tours are not pre-organized, our experienced guides will bring you to a location to the best of their knowledge that maximizes our chances of catching the lights.

During the winter months from mid-September to March, when there are complete darkness and clear skies, we get the chance to see the awesome display of Northern Lights.

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Tour details

Itinerary of the Private Beer Spa and Northern lights Super Jeep tour:

Pickup at your hotel or guesthouse.

A comfortable visit to the Beer Spa in Árskógssandur. Beer bath, where you bathe in both young beer and live beer yeast, without showering it off until some hours later, has an extremely powerful effect on the body and skin. This treatment is both cleansing for the skin and has a very positive effect on health.

Two-course dinner at the Beer Spa restaurant. (Not included in price)

We drive off into the night hunting for the Northern Lights.

North, South, East or West…..we go where the Lights are the most likely.

We admire the lights for a few hours, take pictures and have fun.

What you will see:

Your driver will take you to a location which fit current Northern Lights forecast as provided by the Icelandic Meteorology office daily. We choose our location based on forecasted activity and low cloud coverage.

Duration: Up to 7 Hours

What´s included

What is included: Pickup and drop off, comfortable jeep, expert local guide/driver, admission to the Beer Spa (optional) and bottled water.

What is not included: Dinner at the Beer Spa restaurant. Bathing suit and towel can be rented at the Beer Spa.

What to bring: Sturdy shoes for walking/hiking and warm socks, clothing and outerwear suitable for rainy or chilly weather. It can get really cold standing in the wind and frost. Don´t forget your camera and tripod for the perfect northern lights picture!

Good to know: Your safety is our first priority so itinerary might be altered due to bad weather or road conditions, the duration of the tour might extend or we might have to cancel the tour if weather or other conditions are not in our favour. We do not leave town if weather conditions are not right and reschedule for another night. It is highly recommended to book the tour on the first night(s) of your stay in Iceland to maximize the chance of catching the lights.

Pick up starts half an hour before departure time.

Price: 34.000.- per person, min. 2 persons.

Northern Lights Tours are available from September to April.

Terms and Conditions


  • Changes to itinerary and cancellations are notified only via email
  • The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and beyond our control. They are visible in Iceland from September through April but visibility is subject to Northern Lights activity and cloud coverage
  • We cannot guarantee sightings even if the tour is operated
  • Due to weather and/or road conditions we might have to alter the itinerary, have longer journey time or cancel the tour
  • Reservation is necessary
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