Akureyri Northern Lights Cruise via Elding

The Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, are a natural phenomena typically seen on a dark but clear skied night. Green, purple, pink and white lights dance on the horizon frequently changing their shape and colour. It is perhaps natures most fascinating displays of artistry!

Available: 1 September – 15 April
Time: 21:00
Duration: 1,5-2,5 hrs.
It’s dark, you’re outside and everything is quiet. A flicker of light in the sky grabs your attention. Pale and modest at first, soon intense and vibrant, transforming the dark sky into a mighty display of nature’s power. It’s hypnotic but perhaps strangest of all; there is complete silence, while cascades of green, yellow, violet and red dance across the sky in silent harmony. It is like a mighty symphonic ballet with muted sound.
This is a great way to experience the magic of the Northern Lights while you enjoy a comfortable journey aboard our newest addition to our boat fleet.
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Tour details

DURATION 2:00 hours

HOT TIP Dress warmly and don’t be shy to also put on our warm overalls!

We recommend you bring

  • Warm clothing
  • Gloves
Meet us at the floating pier Oddeyrarbót 2, next to the cultural centre Hof in Akureyri at least 15 min. prior to departure.
For your enjoyment, this tour is subject to good weather conditions/visibility and a minimum of 10 passengers, and therefore it could get cancelled on short notice. In this case, we will contact you with as much notice as possible and offer you to rebook with us, book with a local bus operator, move your booking to Reykjavík or give you a full refund.

What´s included

v Excellent live guidance

v Use of overalls on board

v Free WiFi

v Great views

Elding Akureyri


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