Aurora Reykjavík

Where the Northern Lights are always on display

Aurora Reykjavik Northern Lights exhibition

Welcome to our Northern Lights exhibition

The Northern Lights exhibition in Reykjavik is your first stop when you want to experience the Aurora Borealis in Iceland.

The center is divided into sections which include:

  • History of the Northern Lights
  • Interactive Displays
  • Legends and Stories from around the World
  • Introduction to Northern Lights Photography

Join a guided northern lights tour!

To fully enjoy the Northern Lights experience we recommend a guided tour. You will save time and worries, the guides are aware of the conditions both in weather and solar activity and you’ll be in great company with like-minded people. We fully recommend any of the companies below. We’ve carefully selected these collaborators since we’ve known them for years and know they are reliable and professional.


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