August and Northern Lights in Iceland

August is technically a summer month, but it is at this time that darkness returns to our Nordic shores, after months of total daylight.
Days are progressively getting shorter and shorter at this time, and that is especially noticeable in the second half of the month, when the northern lights season kicks off.
Seeing an Aurora in August is a real, for many unexpected, treat and, although still something of a rare occurrence compared to darker months, the period has often surprised us with good shows, although normally not very long (this, of course, due to the limited darkness).

August is peak season for tourism in Iceland, and with its long days, relatively stable and warm (10° to 15°C on average) weather, the whole island is for you to explore.
Puffins and other migratory birds can still be seen nesting at several location around the country in the first half of the month.
Furthermore, the highland routes are open and stunning locations, otherwise inaccessible in the winter, can be reached by highland bus or 4×4 vehicle for the most adventurous.
Iconic highland hikes, like the worldwide famous multi-day Laugavegur track can be enjoyed by the most physically fit, and easier hikes and treks can be found all around the country, and will reward you with stunning scenarios and unforgettable memories.

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