The big final – Northern Lights at Þingvellir Nationalpark

Apr 24, 2017

Goodbye Northern Lights – hello Midnight Sun!

Last night we were heading out for this season´s big final. It is already unusual late, but since we were expecting a G2 solar storm with an KP index of 5-7, we just could´t stay home and had to try our luck at our – maybe? – very last hunt.

The midnight sun is already there; we only have a 1,5 hours window of astro twilight where it is dark enough to see the Northern Lights at our latitude of 63 degrees North – so chances were not very promising, but….

Once again, we were lucky!

We head to þingvellir Nationalpark, one of our most famous photographing spots, because it has soo much to offer:

The cliff between the continents, the lave fields, the beautiful lake and even a great waterfall.

Right after midnight it got dark enough and Lady Aurora occurred, ready for her last dance in her most colourful dress…

We had to fight with heavy winds (always take some extra weight for your tripod!) and freezing cold of -6 °C, but no matter what – it was once again SO.MUCH.WORTH.IT!

As you see on the pictures, sunrise was close when we stopped capturing – and we´re getting ready now for our summer adventures!

More to come soon – the videos of this night will soon be to see at our Cinema and on our DVD Volume 2.


PS: The lights will come back beginning of September – until than get prepared and visit us at our Northern Lights Center – where the lights are always on display!



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The northern lights are visible between September and April. Experiencing the phenomenon is always a treat, but Auroras happening during our short lived Autumn are among our absolute favourite, especially to photograph. See why here.


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Aurora at Reykjanes 22.08.2017

  Serenity... This picture was taken at Brimketill August 22nd. The lights don´t always have to be crazy intense - this was taken at a KP3 - to express a very special, mystical mood. We love the combination of the late sunset - it´s still very early in the season...


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Environmental Policy

    At Aurora Reykjavik – The Northern Lights Center, our mission is to cultivate advocates for the planet, with a special focus on the Arctic regions. Through our interactive exhibition, we aim to foster awareness and appreciation for the marvels of our...

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