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Join a puffin watching tour and get to know these funny little seabirds from up close!

Puffin live at sea for most of their lives. During the summer though, they reach land to breed, and Iceland hosts the largest Atlantic Puffin colony in the world. Puffins might seem clumsy on land, but are incredible ocean divers and take off from cliffs at speeds of up to 55 miles an hour!

Led by experienced guides, puffin watching tours take you to the best spots where you’ll get to see these adorable seabirds in their natural habitat.

And, as if that’s not enough, you’ll also likely see other fascinating wildlife such as whales and seabirds on your tour, all while taking in the stunning, rugged beauty of Iceland’s coastline.
Perfect for nature lovers, bird watchers, and photographers alike, don’t miss your chance to experience the unforgettable magic of Iceland’s puffin tours.

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Puffins on a cliff covered in grass. One puffin is taking off, while the others are just standing



  • Boat ride from Reykjavík
  • Use of binoculars
  • Expert guide on board

Ultimate Whale Watching Tours: Tourists watching Puffins from the RIB boat



  • Expert guide on board
  • Small group – 12 pax RIB boat experience
  • Reykjavík sightseeing from the sea