Premium Northern Lights Tour via Bustravel Iceland

An ideal retreat for the inquisitive in search of the aurora borealis.

On our premium tour, we take you out in a group of 15 guests maximum. Providing a more intimate experience, flexibility, more free time and more spontaneous encounters than traveling with a large group.

Travel with us on a quest for one of nature’s most beautiful natural phenomena. Witness this breathtaking display, as the auroras dance across the night’s sky and light up the heavens. This majestic rhythm is on displays during the darker months of the year, from September to April.

We take you from the buzz and the lights of the city and head into the quiet darkness of the countryside to enjoy the natural spectacle if the aurora borealis.

With our friendly and personal service you can be sure of a really enjoyable and memorable experience, and an excellent insight into the unique flavor of Icelandic landscape and history.

How do we find the lights?

When we call these tours a “hunt” for the northern lights we really mean it. These displays can be difficult to pin down but thankfully we have northern lights specialists on our team who read the weather data throughout the day! Their knowledge mixed with our team in the field looking for early signs of the lights and a little visit from lady luck allow us to get you to where the lights are likely to be and hopefully get you a great sighting.

For those nights however where we are not so lucky we do offer you a chance to reschedule and join us again! We are determined to make sure you see the lights!

Where do we go?

The location for a Northern Lights tour is not fixed. Because the lights can be highly unpredictable we will head out to a location where we think a sighting is the most likely. We may head out along the south coast or up towards the golden circle but in general we try to keep our travel times as short as possible so that you get the maximum amount of time with the lights.



Tour details

Availability: Every night when weather conditions are suitable.

Duration: 3-5 hours

Group size: Max. 15 guests

Pick up is up to 30 minutes before departure

Remember to dress warmly.


What’s included

  • Small group experience – max. 15 guests
  • Hot chocolate
  • Guided tour by experienced norhtern lights guides
  • Free retry

If Mother Nature is not so generous as to offer us a view on the northern lights, you´re welcome to join us again at no additional charge; though we will try our best, we cannot guarantee a small-group tour for subsequent attempts.

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