April and Northern Lights in Iceland

Last but not least, April marks the end of the winter season. Milder weather and melting snow suggest summer is around the corner, and Lady Aurora will soon leave its seat vacant for the midnight sun to fill. Until then, travelers to Iceland can still hope to experience the last northern lights displays of the season in the first half of the month, and Aurora tours traditionally run until April 15th.

The first day of summer is officially celebrated in Iceland on the first Thursday after April 18th. Higher temperatures and summer-like conditions do not happen overnight though, and, according to tradition, a good summer would actually be sure to ensue if the temperatures reached below freezing on the night before the first day of summer. Easter often falls in April, and Icelanders are especially fond of their Páskaegg or chocolate eggs, filled with candy, liquorice (Iceland’s favorite sweet treat, on pair with marzipan), more chocolate and a little message, typically a traditional saying or wisdom quote.

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