Aurora over Skógafoss, Iceland – Fine Art Print behind 6mm Acrylic Glass, 50*75 cm/ 30*20 in

  • Size: 30*20 inch / 75*50 cm
  • Limited edition, 150 copies
  • Super High Quality 7 colour Direct Printed on 6mm Acrylic sheet
  • High Density UV Inkjet printed on clear Acrylic panels with edge polishing
  • Ready-to-hang




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Aurora over Skógafoss, Iceland

Beneath the celestial canvas over Skógafoss, Iceland, I found myself in the midst of a photographer’s dream — the Northern Lights casting their ethereal glow. The majestic waterfall became the backdrop for this cosmic performance. With each shutter click, the auroras painted the night sky with vibrant greens and purples, creating a mesmerizing dance of light and water. In that moment, Skógafoss transformed into a mystical stage, and I, with my camera, became a humble spectator capturing nature’s grandeur.”

Katarina Raker, Photographer


Aurora Reykjavik Aurora over Skógafoss
Grétar Jónsson and Katarina Raker, Founders and Owners of Aurora Reykjavík, The Northern Lights Center


Grétar Jónsson

I was born and raised in the subarctic town of Akureyri, located in North Iceland. My fascination with the Northern Lights has been a part of me for as long as I can recall.

In 2013, we established Aurora Reykjavík with the intention of sharing our passion with visitors from around the globe.

Katarina Raker

I got my first DSLR at the age of 6, and promptly embarked on a lifelong journey dedicated to landscape photography.

Since 2016, Reykjavík has been my home base. If I’m not at the museum, you’ll find me in pursuit of the Northern Lights.