COVID-19 information & support

Covid-19 Information

Health and safety are our main priority in these exceptional times.

At Aurora Reykjavík, we have adopted a number of measures, so to guarantee the best possible conditions and comfort for individuals and groups visiting our center alike.

Here you can find updated information about our health and safety policy, COVID-19 restrictions in Iceland and the impact they may have on your travel plans.

Please notice that the situation in Iceland and abroad is rapidly changing, and – in these times more than ever – our staff and guests’ safety and comfort is of the utmost importance. Any changes in the local health and safety policies will be immediately reflected in our daily practices.


About Iceland

Is it safe to travel to Iceland now?

Iceland has flattened the curve and almost entirely eliminated COVID-19 from the country.
A sudden increase of cases was witnessed in recent days, and new restrictions put in place.
Personal infection preventative measures are encouraged, and testing is available in case symptoms are experienced.

Adult travellers (born before 2015) entering the country are tested once upon arrival and again 5 days after entering the country, and are required to undergo quarantine until they receive the result of their second test (max 24h after the test takes place).
In addition, they have to submit a certificate of a negative PCR-test for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) before boarding an aircraft or ship to Iceland and again upon arrival.

From 27 July 2021, the following applies:
All vaccinated travelers, as well as those with a confirmed previous infection, must present a negative COVID test before boarding an aircraft or ship to Iceland. Both a PCR test and a COVID-19 rapid antigen test are accepted. The test must have been taken within 72 hours before departure on the first leg of the journey.
Children born in 2005 or later do not have to be tested at the border. They are exempt from the obligation to present a negative PCR certificate upon arrival.
Further information can be found here.

We advise travellers to download the COVID-19 tracking app upon arrival to help Iceland stay clear of the virus and reduce the risk of new outbreaks.

Are there any travel restrictions to Iceland? What is the arrival policy at the Icelandic border?

Everyone Traveling to Iceland Must:

Preregister electronically before departure. Pre-registration does not constitute a travel authorization.

Arrive from all EEA/EFTA-countries (and citizens of Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican) but Greenland, without a vaccination certificate or a certificate of previous infection must:

Submit a certificate of a negative PCR-test for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) before boarding an aircraft or ship to Iceland and again upon arrival. The negative test result must have been collected no more than 72 hours before departure (on the first leg of the journey). Rapid antigen tests are not valid. The certificate must be submitted in either Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, or English.
Certificates in other languages are not considered valid. The results of the test must be pre-recorded.
The fine for violating the rule requiring a negative PCR test is 100,000 Icelandic Krónur (ISK) for residents and Icelandic nationals. Non-citizens and non-residents without a negative PCR test will be refused entry at the border.

Take two tests to screen for the presence of COVID-19 after arrival in Iceland, with a mandatory 5-6 day quarantine between each test. Sampling is free of charge. Note exceptions to the rule below.

Complete quarantine with a negative result (no virus is found) following the second screening.

Travelers are required to stay in quarantine facilities: Everyone who arrives from, or has in the previous 14 days stayed in, areas that are classified as dark red or grey, are required to stay in managed quarantine facilities until a negative result (no virus found) to the second screening is received.

As of March 23rd 2021, all children born 2005 or later are subject to a PCR test at the border. In case of a positive test, they will be required to stay in isolation. Otherwise they would only need to quarantine  if they are travelling with parents or guardians who are required to quarantine.

Violations of quarantine or isolation rules are subject to fines and the involvement of the authorities to prevent violations.

For more details on the border policy, you can check the official website here.

I am vaccinated – do I have to quarantine?

If you are have already completed the vaccination with one of the vaccines with marketing authorization in Europe, you might be exempted from the quarantine regulations. Find further information here.

I already had COVID-19 – do I have to quarantine?

You might be exempted from the quarantine if you can show a certificate for a previous COVID-19 infection. The test certificate must be issued in Icelandic, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, or English. Read more here.

Is everything open in Iceland now?

As of July 25th 2021, and until August 13th the following restrictions due to COVID-19 apply in Iceland.

– The maximum number of people allowed in the same location is 100 persons, with certain restrictions, both in public and private locations.
– At all workplaces and in other activities, the 1-metre distance limit between people who are not closely linked must be ensured.
Masks must be worn wherever the 1-metre social distancing rule cannot be kept between individuals who are not closely linked.
Restaurants where alcoholic beverages are allowed, nightclubs and bars may stay open until 23:00 all days of the week with a maximum of 100 guests in each area and must maintain the 1 meter distance rule. All guests must be registered by name, ID No. and telephone number. Alcoholic beverages are to be served to seated guests. All guests must have left the location at 24:00.
– Swimming pools, spas and physical training centers are open for 75% of their permitted maximum number.
– Limits to the numbers of children, social distancing and obligation to wear a mask do not apply to children born 2016 or later.

Further information on domestic restrictions is available here.

About our Center

What health and safety measures has Aurora Reykjavík adopted?

At Aurora Reykjavík, we have enforced the one-meter rule, as required by the current national regulations. Visitors can now safely enjoy our exhibition while social distancing themselves from others.

Hand sanitiser dispensers are available at the entrance and throughout the premises. Our air purifiers run 24/7, common and hands-on areas (i.e. touch screens) are disinfected regularly during the day, and the number of available seats within our cinema have been reduced so as to allow distancing – at its cosiest!

Will I need to wear a mask to visit the Northern Lights Center?

According to the latest regulations, face masks are mandatory indoors.

Are group visits allowed?

Yes, groups are welcome at Aurora Reykjavík.

Groups are required to use of masks at all times.

Please send us an email to book your group visit and for more information about our group policy.

About tours

What happens if my travel plans are interrupted?

If your plans are interrupted because of flight cancellations or any other COVID-19 related reasons, we can change your booking to any later date of your choice, free of charge. Or, you can request a refund.

What if I test positive on arrival? Can I get a full refund?

Yes. If you purchase a tour on our website but test positive on arrival to Iceland, you will get a full refund.

Alternatively, you can choose to reschedule your trip to another date.

To cancel and get the full refund after arrival, please contact us via email with your booking details and your test result within 4 hours after you receive the test result.

What if my flights get cancelled? Can I get a full refund?

Yes. If you purchase a day tour on our website, but your flight to Iceland gets cancelled, you will get a full refund.

Alternatively, you can choose to reschedule your trip to another date.

To cancel and get the full refund after arrival, please contact us via email with your booking details and your flight cancellation confirmation prior to your scheduled flight departure time.

Can I book after I arrive?

Yes, you can. But we highly recommend that you book in advance.

Booking after arrival will limit your options as availability is limited in Iceland right now.

If you have further questions, please send us an email and we will help you with your trip.