Environmental Policy



At Aurora Reykjavik – The Northern Lights Center, our mission is to cultivate advocates for the planet, with a special focus on the Arctic regions. Through our interactive exhibition, we aim to foster awareness and appreciation for the marvels of our planet, recognizing that understanding leads to preservation.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of our operations. We’ve repurposed a former fish manufacturing factory into a cultural center, utilizing over 90% reused building materials for our new exhibition space. As board member of the Grandi Harbour District Association, we’re taking lead in converting it from an industrial area to a vibrant cultural hub, where locals and tourists alike can delve into Iceland’s remarkable yet delicate natural and cultural heritage.

Engagement in environmental initiatives is central to us. We actively participate in and co-organize coastal clean-ups and environmental days.
Our facility runs entirely on 100% renewable energy, and we’re dedicated to recycling waste, with a focus on achieving a plastic-free gift shop.

Promoting sustainable travel is a key priority for us. We educate traveler’s seeking the Northern Lights on responsible behaviour towards Icelandic nature, ensuring that their journey contributes positively to the preservation of our environment.

Policy Objective

Our goal is to ensure that everyone associated with Aurora Reykjavik comprehends and actively promotes the significance of environmental sustainability. We aim to ensure that the museum is sustainably managed for the benefit of present and future generations.

Guidelines and Objectives

  1. Compliance: We will fully comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations concerning the sustainable utilization and protection of natural resources.

  2. Awareness: We will raise awareness among our team about our environmental impacts, operational conditions, and applicable legislation.

  3. Pollution Prevention: We are committed to preventing pollution by monitoring discharges and emissions, promoting behaviors to reduce our impact on local air quality.

  4. Energy Efficiency: We will adhere to our Energy Policy, monitoring emissions, and implementing measures to enhance energy efficiency.

  5. Sustainable Travel: We will promote sustainable travel options for staff and visitors and minimize the environmental impact of transportation.

  6. Waste Management: We will monitor waste generation, promote waste minimization, and improve recycling rates across all activities.

  7. Water Conservation: We will monitor and reduce water consumption, detect leaks, and ensure efficient water usage across all museum sites.

  8. Contractor Engagement: We will work with contractors to ensure good environmental practices are observed during their work on museum premises.

  9. Supply Chain Management: We will encourage environmentally preferable goods and services from suppliers through appropriate specifications.

  10. Environmental Considerations in Projects: We will assess the environmental impact before committing to any new venture or project.

  11. Public Engagement: We will actively participate in public discussions on environmental issues and promote sustainable technologies and practices in the cultural sector.

  12. Continuous Improvement: We will conduct periodic reviews of our environmental management performance and strive for continual improvement.


  • Executive Board: Responsible for ensuring effective implementation of the environmental policy and approving strategic priorities and policy changes.

  • All Employees: Required to understand and comply with the environmental policy.
  • Contractors, Suppliers, and Visitors: Expected to adhere to the environmental policy and cooperate fully in achieving its objectives while on museum premises.

By adhering to this policy, Aurora Reykjavik demonstrates its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, contributing to a better future for our planet and generations to come.


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