Aurora at Mývatn

Apr 20, 2017

Gleðilegt sumar! Today we celebrate the first day of summer in Iceland – with freezing temperatures below zero, blizzards and strong winds. Arctic summer feeling 🙂

But the forecast showed some open spots in the very far North, so we jumped in the car and head 480 km from Reykjavik to Lake Myvatn – one of the most stunning areas in Iceland.

And Lady Aurora didn´t disappoint us; right after midnight she started her dance and showed us some displays in her most beautiful colours.

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Can´t catch the Northern Lights? Visit us at our Northern Lights Center – where the lights are always on display!

Aurora Reykjavik - The Northern Light Center

Environmental Policy

    At Aurora Reykjavik – The Northern Lights Center, our mission is to cultivate advocates for the planet, with a special focus on the Arctic regions. Through our interactive exhibition, we aim to foster awareness and appreciation for the marvels of our...


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Extremely rare “blood aurora” dancing over Iceland last weekend

Last weekend, people in Iceland witnessed an extremely rare phenomenon: The so-called blood aurora, strong red auroral displays clearly visible to the bare eyes. Watch the phenomenal video, captured by Grétar Jónsson, owner and founder of Aurora Reykjavik, the Northern lights Center, and Katarina Raker, photographer.


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