Northern Lights & Stargazing via Happyworld

If you really want to make your Northern Lights adventure a once-in-a-lifetime-experience, then this tour is for you!

We pick you up in our Landrover and whisk you away from the city lights to where we predict the best sightings according to cloud forecast. Our small tour allows us to get off the beaten path and away from the crowds to enjoy the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in serenity.

At our chosen spot, while waiting for the lights, we use our powerful stargazing telescope to explore crude details of the planets in our solar system, their moons and deep space phenomena light years away.


Aurora Borealis Tour Schedule

18:30: We make our Go/NoGo decision based on the last weather forecast for the evening.
20:00-20:30 (Oct-March) 21:00-21:30 (Sept & April): Pick up.
We drive to where conditions are predicted best.
At location; assess the conditions, stay or move on.
While waiting, we explore the sky through a telescope.
We take photos of you under the lights, for free.
Once you are nearing frost-bite, we serve hot chocolate and Kleina.
We stay out until midnight, if no lights are seen we extend 30-60 minutes.
The drive back to Reykjavík is normally 30-45 minutes.


Tour details

Tour Duration

3-5 hours from pick up to drop off.
Free pick up in Reykjavík.

Pick up time

1. Sept.-30. Sept.: 21:00-21:30
1. Oct.-15. March: 20:00-20:30
16. March-15. April: 21:00-21:30


Our final destination is dictated by weather and where sightings are most likely.

Tour Group Size

Minimum 2 and maximum 14 passengers
in 1 or 2 4×4’s travelling together.


Thick, thermal, windproof winter gear.


What´s included

  • Pick-up and drop-off
  • Driver/guided super jeep tour
  • Stargazing
  • Hot chocolate & kleina
  • Photography – we take photos of you to share (free)
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