Only 7 guests per guide/vehicle. Max 2 vehicles together on location.

On this Northern Lights and Stargazing tour, you are not a tourist, you are an important member of a team of sky explorers. As we introduce you to the dark Arctic night away from city lights the sky will take you on a journey with it’s dancing Northern Lights and other awe-inspiring sky events. We travel in modified Land Rover Defenders – Because the Earth is not Flat. Prepare for an adventurous activity tour rather than luxury!



Into the Darkness

We pick you up and whisk you away from the city lights to where we predict the best sightings according to cloud forecast. Our tiny tour group allows us to get off the beaten path and away from the crowds to experience the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in serenity.

Expert Knowledge

Northern Lights hunting is all about the weather. We spend winters chasing Northern Lights weather and summers chasing Paragliding weather. We teach meteorology on our Paragliding courses every year. We know Icelandic weather! We are local sky enthusiasts and our small and personal tours are designed to make you feel like a part of our team and a part of Iceland.


Tour details

Tour Duration

3-5 hours from pick up to drop off.
Free pick up in Reykjavík.

Pick up time

1. Sept.-30. Sept.: 21:00-21:30
1. Oct.-15. March: 20:00-20:30
16. March-15. April: 21:00-21:30


Our final destination is dictated by weather and where sightings are most likely.

Tour Group Size

Minimum 2 and maximum 14 passengers
in 1 or 2 4×4’s travelling together.


Thick, thermal, windproof winter gear.


What´s included

 Free pick up at your door anywhere in central Reykjavik
 Free Quality Photos
 Guided Stargazing Program with Telescope
 Unlimited re-tries in case of non-sighting
 Home Made Real Hot Chocolate
 Guide to Guest Ratio: 1/7
 Maximum 2 vehicles traveling together
 Warm Vehicles on location
 Professional Northern Lights Hunters
 Professional Weather Observers

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