Aurora 101 Experience – Small Group Tour

The only northern lights tour, that is always on.
A unique and special night all-things-northern lights. No matter the weather.


On the Aurora 101 Experience, we focus on the magic of the Northern Lights no matter the conditions. 


Aurora Reykjavik – The Northern Lights Center

We meet at the fantastic Aurora Reykjavik Museum. Our journey begins with a guided tour through the museum, where we give you an introduction to both, mythology and folklore, but also the physics behind the Northern Lights.  We will enjoy some of the most amazing displays ever caught on film all over Iceland. Now it’s time to get set for the night: We will teach you how we read the forecast and how to enhance our chances to find the magical aurora. We will then give you a short introduction to photographing the Northern Lights, and you have the chance to test your camera settings in the unique northern lights photo simulator.

Aurora BaseCamp

After the museum, we drive 30 minutes out of town to our next destination, Aurora BaseCamp. There we will visit otherworldly geodesic domes, hidden in a rough and barren lava field. Inside is an exhibit where they’ve put the physics into practice and create northern lights inside large glass cylinders, among other fascinating displays. There we also have a lounge where you can have a nice hot beverage before we head into the night.

If the conditions are right you will be able to enjoy the northern lights from the fantastic outdoor area of Aurora basecamp. But if not we will head out to test our luck in a few different locations.

A Unique Tour

Usually, the Northern Lights Tours are a hunting experience. You go into the dark, frozen winter night with hopes of getting the opportunity of seeing the elusive natural wonder that is the Aurora borealis. But as with any hunting expedition, there is always the chance of not catching anything. Our tour is not your average northern light excursion however, it is an experience.

Unlike most northern lights tours we go every night, (unless the weather conditions are not favourable to travel at all – the safety of our guests of course are always a priority).
Our main focus is to give people an aurora experience, even when opportunities for first-hand sightings are limited. We will always look for the Aurora, but when they are seen they are just the cherry on top, not the entire experience.


  • We go in small groups, no more than 19 passengers per group.
  • No retries. If you want to join the tour again we offer a 50% discount.


Aurora Reykjavík. the Northern Lights Center

Our day tours departing from Reykjavik City Center depart from Aurora Reykjavik Museum at Grandagarður 2, 101 Reykjavik. Our Northern Lights tour starts at 8:30 PM at the museum. We recommend you meet at least 15 minutes prior to departure time. The museum offers coffee and snacks for the road, and you can also use the toilet before departing. Admission ticket for the Museum is included in the price (2.000 ISK). 

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