Founded in 2013 by a group of true Northern Lights enthusiasts, Aurora Reykjavik is the first and only Northern Lights Center in Iceland. We are all passionate photographers and experts in shooting and processing the fantastic and mystical Aurora Borealis.

In our center we offer a Northern Lights multimedia exhibition in order to share our deep passion for this truly amazing natural phenomena.

Learn about old myth and stories all over the world about the mystical lights.

Try out our interactive touchscreens that will introduce you to the science behind them: How are they caused? Where does the colours come from? What forms the shapes? When and where can they be seen?

Relax in our cosy movie theatre and watch amazing displays all over Iceland – in a regular chair, on a meditation cushion or even on one of our yoga mats.

In our Northern Lights Center we´ll teach you how to set your camera, how to read the forecast and get you ready for your own hunt. No matter if you´re an absolute beginner or an advanced photographer – bring your camera and try it in our unique photo booth with our guidance and some expert tipps.

And last but not least you can try the worlds first 360 degrees virtual reality videos of the magnificent Aurora with our VR goggles – it almost feels like being out in the Icelandic nature. But we keep you warm meanwhile – promised!

For those of you who wants to get a unique memory of this experience, we offer a northern lights gift shop with carefully chosen items around the Aurora Borealis.

Our experienced and professional Northern Lights Center team members are also happy to give you detailed advised for your tour booking.

No matter whether you can´t catch the lights yourself or want to get prepared for trying your luck – Aurora Reykjavik is the place to start you unique Northern Lights experience.