Glacier Lagoon with boat trip via RE * 14h* ISK 26.200

Get a front row seat to the glacial lagoon as you sail among the gigantic icebergs and take in the power and the peace of this magnificent natural phenomenon.

The lake is a result of Breiðarmerkurjökull glacier slowly retreating, leaving in its wake the lagoon and the oddly-shaped icebergs of various sizes. En route to the lagoon you will see some of Iceland’s most magnificent scenery, including the tallest mountain in Iceland, Hvannadalshnjúkur, and the sprawling black sand desert between Skaftafell National Park and the lagoon itself.

Tour duration: 07:30 – 22:00


Tour details

  • Duration: 14 hours

    07:30 Daily (15 May – 30 Sept),
    Wed & Sat (1 Oct – 5 Nov)

    Tour ID: SRE113

    Guidance:  English, French, German

    Additional information:
    Remember to bring warm clothing and rain gear.
    • English: Daily (15 May – 30 Sept),
    Wed, Fri & Sat (1 – 31 Oct) &
    Wed & Sat (1 Nov – 5 Nov)
    • German: Tue & Sun (15 May – 30 Sept)*
    • French: Sat (15 May – 30 Sept)*
    *Not the boat tour part


What´s included

  • Glacier Lagoon
  • Seljalandsfoss waterfall
  • Skógafoss waterfall
  • View of Eyjafjallajökull volcano (in good weather)
  • Boat tour on the lagoon


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